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Some Powerful Health, Fitness & Nutrition Questions

Have questions about personal nutrition, fitness, or how to work with a holistic approach?

Trust us, you’re not the only one! Below are a few questions we hear on a regular basis.

Read on for some answers. Of course, if you still have a question, we want to hear it!

I have special dietary needs or health concerns. Am I still a candidate for Me To The Max?2018-09-30T23:40:03-06:00

In all honesty, it depends on what you specifically happen to be working with. John himself has had Type I Diabetes since he was just five years old, so he’s no stranger to chronic illnesses and the toll they can take on a person. With that said, your health and safety are always going to be John’s top concern.

Our best advice? Schedule that free initial consultation, and be sure to chat with John openly about the health conditions you find yourself dealing with. If your situation is one he’s trained to tackle, you’re off to the races. On the flipside, even if he’s not able to take you on as a client, John is part of an extensive network of healthcare professionals, and he’ll be happy to refer you to the folks best able to help you improve your quality of life – either way, he’ll be sure to help you down the path towards healthier, happier living!

Okay, I really connected with John during my consultation, and now I’m pumped. What’s next?2018-09-17T18:02:43-06:00

From here, John will run a variety of assessments and work with you to develop a personal health plan that’s specially-crafted to fit into your lifestyle while still allowing you to achieve your goals. You’ll get to pick one of three option packages that best suits your needs, and after that, there’s nothing left to do but commit to healthy, sustainable living!

How quickly will I hear back from John once I reach out to set up a consultation?2018-09-17T18:02:11-06:00

Nobody likes waiting to hear back from somebody – that’s why John makes it a point to respond to any consultation requests within a maximum of 1-2 business days.

Who is John Ramotowski?2018-09-30T23:41:14-06:00

John Ramotowski is the enthusiastic founder of Me To The Max. In addition to his wide range of credentials, degrees, and achievements, John is exceptionally approachable and extremely passionate about healthy living. Dubbed the “God of Nutrition” by one of his clients, John created the Me To The Max program to give people the tools and skill sets they need not just to lose weight, but to make real, sustainable lifestyle changes meant to stand the test of time.

How do I know that Me To The Max will actually work?2018-09-30T23:41:34-06:00

Fair question! We’ve all been disappointed by “sure-fire” diets and weight-loss routines in the past. The difference here is that Me To The Max was created utilizing evidence-based practices and hundreds of hours of research, and is reinforced by real-world results and testimonials from folks living right here in Calgary. If you truly want to live your best life and make the effort to earnestly commit yourself to the program, Me To The Max will help you become the healthy self you’ve always dreamed of.

What makes Me To The Max different from other diets and exercise routines?2018-09-30T23:41:53-06:00

Me To The Max isn’t just a nutrition plan or a series of workouts. Instead, Me To The Max is a comprehensive assessment of each client’s health, lifestyle, and goals, resulting in a unique, personally-crafted regimen meant to not only help each client achieve results, but to do so in a sustainable manner, while also taking their day-to-day life into account. It’s not just a fitness plan; it’s a complete lifestyle overhaul.

How do I know if Me To The Max is right for me?2018-09-30T23:42:03-06:00

This is a great question! It can be tough to tell fact from fiction with weight loss programs and nutrition plans, because every single one of them claims to offer fast, easy-to-achieve results. That’s why we start out every client relationship with a free 20-minute phone call, during which you’ll speak to John Ramotowski – personal nutritionist, weight loss coach, and Me To The Max founder. During this call, he’ll get an idea of what you’re looking to achieve, you’ll get the chance to ask him any burning questions you might have, and you’ll both get to determine if it’s a good fit before making any sort of commitment or investment.

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