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What to Eat, How Much to Eat, and When to Eat It?!

At Me To The Max, we’re not about quick, 30-day fixes, fads, or fat-blasting routines. Instead, we work at connecting the relationship between food and fitness, and strive to empower you through nutrition, exercise, and step-by-step solutions to discover real, sustainable change for a better, healthier lifestyle.

You’d think that throughout the entire span of human history, we would have by now developed a tiny, inner food guide that lets us know exactly what sorts of nutrition our bodies need to function at peak performance – and how much of it to eat before pushing the plate away. Unfortunately, we’ve only come so far as a species, but don’t worry – that’s Me To The Max comes in!

If you’ve ever tried to plan a nutritionally-balanced meal – never mind an entire diet of healthy, sustainable eating – you know that eating right is no easy task. How much is enough protein? How much is too much protein? What vegetables provide the best nutritional value? And, most importantly: will I ever be able to treat my sweet tooth again?

Regular exercise lowers your risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. Taking the stairs a few more times a week can have more impact than you realize!

At Me To The Max, lead by John Ramotowski, your nutrition and/or fitness program is developed from a holistic approach, using John’s education and training to provide simple, easy-to-grasp examples of meal plans that not only suit your cooking abilities, but your personal preferences and unique body chemistry as well. Our non-judgmental nutritional counselling works to provide you with the tools you need to make smart decisions and plan healthy, balanced meals for the years to come. Of course, we always build a little something into a plan (if suitable based on your goals) to allow for indulgences and enjoyment of the sweeter things in life.

Moreover, John’s extensive educational background allows him to deliver nutritional advice to individuals suffering from a range of dietary needs and restrictions, providing meal plans to help individuals coping with:

  • Chronic pain
  • Diabetes
  • IBS
  • And a wide variety of other physical ailments

Discover the incredible feeling of that comes from fueling your body with the scientifically-exact mix of ingredients, vitamins, and nutrients it needs to perform its best.

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“John developed a thorough research-based report for my son to support in appropriate nutrition planning in regards to his competitive swimming and training regimen. In sharing his nutritional plan, John presents as an engaging, knowledgeable and enthusiastic practitioner.

– Jennifer

“John combines nutrition, fitness level, and balance. He ensures I used proper form in order to minimize any injuries. I enjoyed that he always provided the reasons why the weight training would benefit with real life situations such as even bringing the groceries from my car to my home. His humour through the workouts make it fun!”

– Janice

“I highly recommend seeing John! He was able to provide me the reasons of why I need to eat certain foods for my overall health and wellness. He also provided me with a simple fitness plan that I can easily follow in addition to my nutrition plan. John looked at my entire lifestyle and made some positive suggestions and changes. He gave me nutritional advice and plans which helped me feel much better and now I have a lot more energy and stamina. I learned so much from John. Thank you!”

– M

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