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What makes Me To The Max different from all those other health programs out there? In a word: everything. At Me To The Max, we don’t just slot you into a generic catch-all exercise routine or insist that you only eat kale salads from here on out (although there are some tasty ones out there).

We know from years successful nutritional coaching and fitness development that everyone is different, with their own unique bodies. That’s what makes Me To The Max such a singular program: each and every one of our plans is hand-tailored to YOU, in order to synergize with your lifestyle and give you the opportunity to achieve steady, consistent results while still being able to live your life.

How do we do it? Happy you asked!

The Initial Consultation

First, we need to get to know you – and you need to get to know us! That’s why we always start with an introductory 20-minute consultation, free of charge.

Things we discuss:

  • Who you are,
  • What your goals are,
  • Who we are,
  • How we can best help you achieve your fullest potential, and
  • Chances are the weather – we live in Calgary after all!

Then, after we hit it off, it’s right down to developing your plan.

Your Plan Development

This is perhaps the most powerful tool we have in our kit to help you achieve the results you’re after. We’ll schedule a series of follow-up meetings, along with having you fill out a simple-yet-detailed questionnaire, all in the name of getting to the core of who you are and what sort of lifestyle you’re living.

Then, we’ll take all that info and use it to create a plan that fits your day-to-day life, while taking into account your goals, habits, favourite foods, and more. The idea here is to come up with a strategy that not only complements your current lifestyle, but is easy to follow. It’s all about coming up with a plan that not only works for you, but makes you feel good, to boot.

In addition, Me To The Max strives to provide support that takes into account a variety of different ailments and health conditions, and has developed comprehensive plans for individuals:

  • Recovering from cancer,
  • Living with diabetes,
  • Coping with gastric bypass surgery,
  • Dealing with chronic IBS, and
  • A number of other specific health-related challenges.

All the work that we do with these individuals facing these sorts of conditions follow CANFITPRO requirements and standards, and is backed by John’s extensive nutrition- and fitness-related education.

Stopping smoking is often the single most effective thing that a person can do to reduce their health risk.

Our Next Steps

You know that old saying about teaching a person to fish? That’s how we like to approach what we do here every day at Me To The Max. We don’t want to just hand you a “fish” and send you on your way – we’d much rather provide you the tools you need to continue living a healthy, happy lifestyle for years to come. That’s why we strive to build all of our nutrition plans and fitness-related coaching around the idea of sustainable, maintainable change – so that you can go forward feeling empowered, energized, and just plain better than you did before. After your time with Me To The Max, you’ll:

  • Understand the knowledge and information you need to continue living a healthy lifestyle,
  • Be fully proficient in recognizing what your body needs to be its best,
  • Have the skills necessary to plan meals that work with your own unique body chemistry, and
  • Possess the tools to plan fitness routines that gel with your lifestyle and health goals.

Now that’s what we call teaching someone how to fish (or harvest carrots – remember, we design all kinds of nutrition plans)!

Discover what it’s like to feel your very best.

Wake up every morning healthy, happy, and confident. Experience how easy it is to live your MAXimum life with Me To The Max!

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“John developed a thorough research-based report for my son to support in appropriate nutrition planning in regards to his competitive swimming and training regimen. In sharing his nutritional plan, John presents as an engaging, knowledgeable and enthusiastic practitioner.

– Jennifer

“John combines nutrition, fitness level, and balance. He ensures I used proper form in order to minimize any injuries. I enjoyed that he always provided the reasons why the weight training would benefit with real life situations such as even bringing the groceries from my car to my home. His humour through the workouts make it fun!”

– Janice

“I highly recommend seeing John! He was able to provide me the reasons of why I need to eat certain foods for my overall health and wellness. He also provided me with a simple fitness plan that I can easily follow in addition to my nutrition plan. John looked at my entire lifestyle and made some positive suggestions and changes. He gave me nutritional advice and plans which helped me feel much better and now I have a lot more energy and stamina. I learned so much from John. Thank you!”

– M

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