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Travelling the Path Towards Healthier Living, One Push-Up at a Time

Even if you’ve made the mental commitment to live healthier, or simply want to change your fitness regime, actually doing so may seem a bit daunting, leaving you feeling powerless. We say, it’s time to take back your power with a personalized fitness training program.

If you’ve been stumped wondering how to shed those last few pounds, what’s the right combination of reps versus weight, and whether or not you’re performing a certain type of lift correctly, we’ve got the solution your personalized solution.

Working out doesn’t have to involve weights! Practicing yoga can help reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, along with helping to alleviate anxiety.

Led by John Ramotowski and his years of physical training experience, combined with his nutrition education, Me To The Max offers a perfectly customized fitness plan for you. Whether you hit the gym 5 times a week, or have only been 5 times in your whole life,  John provides approachable, enthusiastic fitness training to unleash your inner power and encourage healthy living by:

  • Providing step-by-step instructions and workout programs that make the most out of your training time,
  • Offering support to help you set realistic goals, and then achieve them,
  • Clarifying those same goals to encourage accountability for success, and
  • Customizing fitness regimens on-the-fly to better accommodate your lifestyle and abilities while still allowing you to work towards a fitter, healthier self.

Fitness can be confusing, but making the decision to reach out to John definitely isn’t.

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“Anyone who meets John knows that his incredibly positive nature helps put his clients at ease.

– Barb

“John’s true passion is helping others and realizing their true potential and he does this with the utmost professionalism and respect for their individual nutritional needs.”

– David

“John developed a thorough research-based report for my son to support in appropriate nutrition planning in regards to his competitive swimming and training regimen. In sharing his nutritional plan, John presents as an engaging, knowledgeable and enthusiastic practitioner.

– Jennifer

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